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ZincLinux was a personal project to build an operating system using XFCE Desktop and Ubuntu on the Linux Kernel. I made this site and host the ISO for anyone that wants to try it out. It’s completely free and fully compatible with Ubuntu.

Anyone can reflect upon their own ideas and user feedback to make better products, but most people won’t find them without marketing.

By some miracle you’ve found ZincLinux.

Thanks for stopping by.

ZINC linux will continue to improve with each release with your help.

Terminal command to remove Classic/Blue Window theme for VLC

sudo rm /usr/share/vlc/skin2/vlc*
rm ~/.config/vlc/skins2/vlc* 

Best Method to Update the System is via the Terminal

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade 

If you have questions or suggestions- We’d like to know!

Published by ZincLinux Team

ZincLinux is a free open-source variation of the Ubuntu operating system, built on the Linux kernel, with XFCE desktop and an assortment of applications, games, and utilities. It features a Night & Day theme switcher, beautiful wallpaper slideshow, an alarm clock, an interactive offline help document, and an enhanced Firefox web browser with ad-blockers and over 200 categorized bookmarks .It's primary focus is its user experience and the ability to create new content-- books, graphics, 3d models or animation, music, videos, or even a new operating system. ZincLinux includes all of the tools that were used to build itself. It is a gift to keep on giving.

3 thoughts on “Help & Requests

  1. I’ great full that you decided to do exactly what I always hopping Canonical would do “Ubuntu Xfce” ; is the same reason why I enjoy Mint Xfce , good and stable operating systems with Xfce desktops that I like , I’m not a power user but I learn to install and use all the “top 10 ” Linux distros and I’m not regretting that I just replace MX for this one so thank you very much


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