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Getting Better All the Time

The system-base changed from Ubuntu to MX Linux, but don’t worry. They’re both based on Debian Linux and XFCE4 desktop. You’ll notice that it’s leaner, faster, and more user-friendly. It includes tools to make backups, clones, and re-spins easy to build. This was the best choice for end-users like you.

Subtle enhancements to the desktop, app selection, and web-browser give you more privacy, productivity, and power, and make it more convenient and enjoyable to use.

Zinc Linux is for 64bit Intel & AMD computers with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of hard-drive space. You can run it in a Virtual Machine, keep it as a Live-USB, or install it over or alongside other operating systems. (Read the User Manual for installation advice.)

Note: User has no password, root password is ‘root’.

The ZincLinux Difference:

MX-Linux is among the best Debian operating systems. We’ve added the finishing touches to make it even better.

There’s applications for 3d modeling and animation, drawing and photo-editing, video-editing… For office documents, to-do lists, organizing or encrypting notes, editing PDFs, and reading e-books. There’s even an IDE for basic programming. There’s a Pomodoro timer/alarm clock, an app to reduce eye-strain and blue-light-induced insomnia and an extra configuration tool to go with it. There’s single-click Dark Mode toggling with Night-and-Day. The MPV media player is integrated into the volume controls and has four up-scaling shaders from Anime4k to improve low-resolution video. There’s a few helper tools to make downloading videos and music easier, and more…


Published by ZincLinux Team

I've been in software for 20+ years, carpentry/woodwork for 10 years, and teaching guitar/music for 5 years.

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