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The ZincLinux™ 2023 Release Is Here!

Note: User has no password, root password is ‘root’


Existing Users

Thank you for continued use of ZincLinux™. Thank you for sharing thoughts
and opinions about our operating system. You help us make it better with
each release. The following changes were made since our 2022.04 release:

Applications Added

  • Audacious — Audio player
  • BleachBit — System cleaner
  • FileZilla — FTP client
  • font-manager
  • Opera — Web browser
  • rclone — cloud drive integration
  • Spruce™ — Markdown language extension
  • TeamViewer — Remote desktop
  • VideGo™ — Video library front-end

Applications Removed / Replaced

  • FeatherNotes & Zim — Replaced by Geany Markdown Plugin
  • Openshot-Qt — Replaced by Flowblade
  • TuxGuitar — Abandoned by developers

Other Changes

  • Updated LibreWolf settings & Bookmarks
  • Added Markdown & Nuitka Python Packages

New Users

ZincLinux™ is a re-spin of MX Linux™, the most full-featured lightweight
Debian Linux distibution. Our unique applications and customizations are
subtle, but they add to your convenience, control, and capability.

To paraphrase the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, “An operating system
should be easy to install and use, and gets out of the way so I can do
what I need.”

Features of ZincLinux

  • Every feature of MX Linux Advanced Hardware Support edition +

  • Almost all the software you could ever want, in a small (10 GB) package!

    • For: Casual web surfers, writers, artists, developers, videophiles
    • everything but games. Go ahead and install Steam too, if you want!
    • (for comparison, Windows™ 10 is 3x as big & does less.)
    • (for comparison, Ubuntu 22.04 is 2x as big and does less.)
  • LibreWolf Web Browser:

    • Zoom controls in Toolbar
    • Enchanced Security & Privacy settings
    • Ad-block, Dark Mode, & Video-Link Plugins
  • Desktop Panel/Taskbar:

    • Classic Windows™-style Apps Menu, mapped to “Windows” key
    • File Manager Launcher
    • Quick Web Search bar
    • RedShift blue-light filter (reduce eye-strain & insomnia)
      • (RedShifter app can set geo-location without internet access)
    • Pomodoro Timer (next to the clock)
    • MPV media player controls added to Volume controls
    • Night & Day™ light/dark theme switcher
    • Quick Shutdown button
  • ‘Anime4K’ up-scalers improve video playback quality

  • Spruce Markdown Extension fixes & add features to Markdown language

Known Issues

  • PlayOnLinux sound support is broken; Use alternative O.S. for Windows Games.
  • LibreWolf performs better if restarted after several hours.
  • Blender 3D requires Graphics card; Use version 2.79 otherwise.


Try ZincLinux™ as a Live USB and test it out without any changes to your system.

REQUIREMENTS: 64bit AMD/Intel Processor – 2GB RAM – 16GB Hard Drive